Sharjah Safari Park

For the Sharjah Safari Park Sievertconsult did the proposal, concept and detailed design, construction supervision and start-up supervision for:

  • The treatment of 3 elephant pools (1500 m³, 190 m³, 465 m³) including technical building with drumfilters, tanks, pumps, controls, and the reed bed filter implemented into the landscaping.
  • One ornamental pond (300 m²) at a restaurant with reed bed filtration and supply of reed bed filtered water for watering holes.
  • Three reed beds for the treatment of public toilets, with the reuse of the treated water directly for toilet flushing.
  • One reed bed for treatment of tanker sewage for irrigation.
  • One reed bed for a staff accommodation for irrigation.
  • One reed bed for the treatment of waste water from animal cages and a service area for irrigation.