Sludge dewatering Reed Beds U.A.E.

Sludge dewatering reed bed in Al Khor industrial area Dubai, 2007 – 2012. The reed bed was used to dewater and mineralize the septic sludge from a labour camp.  Solar panels were installed above the reed bed. Outflow water from the reed bed was used to spray the solar panels for cooling and cleaning.

Sludge dewatering Reed Beds Jordan

For the Bauer-Group Mizanconsult did the design and construction supervision of 4 test sludge dewatering reed beds in As Slat, Jordan.

4 conventional drying beds were converted into sludge dewatering reed beds.

Sludge dewatering Reed Bed Bahrain

Sludge dewatering Reed Bed Oman

Sludge Dewatering Reed Bed for the Six Senses Resort in Zighy Bay, Oman.

The reed beds mineralizing the surplus sludge from a conventional activated sludge process plant. The reed beds are located on the beach next to the tennis court.


  • No sludge disposal by tankers
  • No chemical additives
  • Energy use only for pumping
  • Easy operation
  • Sludge removal only every 4- 7 years
  • Reed Beds were used as tertiary treatment step during start-up

Sludge Reed Bed in Qatar

Sludge dewatering reed beds in Qatar, Al Sahara Sand Plant. The reed beds dewatering the surplus sludge of a waste water treatment plant, SBR-Reactor (4000 m³/day).

The Advantages are:

  • The sludge get mineralized (DS > 40%)
  • No energy or chemcial additives are required
  • Mineralized sludge removal only every 4-7 years
  • The final product can be used as fertilizer