We provide our clients with a full range of innovative sustainable solutions and services in the form of consulting and project development, engineering, process design, project and construction management as well as procurement support and operation and maintenance supervision.

The market fields we are serving:

  • Conventional Waste Water Treatment systems:
    • MBR
    • SBR
    • MBBR
    • Flow through systems
  • Reed Bed Treatment Systems (Constructed wetlands) for:
    • Raw Sewage
    • Pre-treated sewage
    • Grey-water
    • Storm-water
    • TSE
    • Sewage Sludge dewatering
    • Green wetland roofs
    • Biomass production (Eco-Building material, Bio-Energy)
  • Water management concept
    • Grey-water recycling
    • Water saving/reduction
    • Water recycling