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Al Hamra in climax condition

After 3 years of operation Al Hamra is under climax condition. One obstacle is that the system is still running by power supply of a generator resulting in manual operation of the distribution and piling up of water as pumps only operate during operation of generator which is only during filling of Stage A. 

Al Hamra 2015

TSE water getting reused for construction

In- and Outflow

Inflow of Al Hamra Reed Bed 

Outflow of Al Hamra Reed Bed

Al Hamra Reeds growing

Al Hamra Reed Bed, plants developing fast

Stage A distribution pipes already covered

Al Hamra Reed Bed under Operation

Al Hamra reed bed under operation, up to 10 tankers per day discharging into the system.

Al Hamra Reed Bed getting green

The reed plants getting taler and start to grow horizontal offshoots

Students visiting Al Hamra Reed Bed

Students from Dubai college visiting the Al Hamra reed bed

Mr. Stan Wehbe from RBC, the contractor and operator of the reed beds, is explaning the process of mineralization in the Stage A basins.

Mr. Osman Ali, RE from KN-International, the design and supervision consultant, explaning the process flow

Al Hamra Reed Bed testing

The Al Hamra Reed Bed is under start-up process since March 2015.