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World-Expo 2020 in Dubai

As specialized reed bed consultant, Sievertconsult did the design for the Design & Build contract for the water management of the Sustainable Pavilion from Dubai at the World-Expo 2020. This water management concept won the MEP Middle East Award 2020, Project of the Year.

The system consists of 4 treatment units: Condensate treatment, the treatment of brackish ground water for fresh water production (Well & RO-unit) and the separate treatment of grey water (Ultrafiltration) for direct reuse and the toilet water (black-water) from the building is treated with a settling tank, mechanical self-cleaning filter, vertical flow reed bed in the landscaping and an aeration tank (basement) and a final Ultrafiltration (MBR). As space was limited in the project, the reed bed filtration was combined with a membrane filtration to reach the desired quality of TSE for reuse on a limited area. The combination of a reed bed with a MBR reduces the disadvantages and enhances the advantages of both technologies: Reed Bed area is reduced to minimum (Reed Beds are used only for filtration and organic load reduction).

  • Power consumption is reduced to a minimum (Reed Beds reduce organic load on aeration).
  • Chemical consumption of MBR is reduced to a minimum (Less backwash of membranes).
  • Product has the highest quality possible (Ultra-filtration).
  • Membranes are protected from solids by the pre-filtration of the reed beds (outflow of reed beds is solid free).
  • Flow is balanced in the reed beds.
  • Organic and solid load to membranes is reduced (less cleaning, longer lifetime).